Beth Ward

Beth Ward was born in Staffordshire in 1983. She has lived in Yorkshire and Cumbria and now lives in Manchester with her husband and son. She will always have a deep affection for industrial landscapes, dramatic cloudy skies and eerie, lonely places. Her artwork has been used for the covers of Nightjar Press chapbooks and the first volume of Paraxis. Recent projects include a picture book called Isla Fey. She is currently working on a series of images and words called Forests. Combining pictures of deep, knowing forests with the complex sadness of an old time country-folk song narrative. You can find some of Beth’s artwork at

See Beth's artwork for Conrad Williams' story 'The Intimate' here, for Tom Fletcher's story 'Gnomic' here, for Ruth Jenkins' story 'Inside' here and for Alison Moore's story 'Seclusion' here.

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