Kirsty Greenwood

A quixotic painter, illustrator, sculptor and seamstress. Kirsty is motivated by ephemeral visual misunderstanding, transient half-light, ocular strangeness, nightmares, dreams and fleeting glimpses of unreality, as well as standard beauty. Inspired by Faerie tales, myths and legends, ailuroanthropy, horror, lycanthropy, nature, Alice-syndrome and transformations, childhood memories, ghost stories, naiveté and true romanticism, her idiosyncratic work often has its roots in dreamlike non-realities which create Art contained by the mind-set of renovating these ‘deliberations’ or ‘visions’ into images which often convey the feelings of otherworldly states and her sometimes macabre preoccupations with such. You can see more of her work at

See Kirsty's artwork for Jaki McCarrick's story 'Stitch-up' here, for SJ Butler's 'A slice of tongue' here, for Nicola Belte's 'Ubi Sunt' here, for Dan Powell's 'Looking out of Broken Windows here and Stuart Snelson's 'Defacement' here.

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