Sam Parr

Sam Parr is an artist and illustrator based in Yorkshire but originally hailing from South Devon. She has only very recently changed careers from legal advice and housing to full time art and illustration, having finally finished building this Spring, a "studio shed" in her back yard, she is less than a year into her new journey, and loving it. Largely self taught having only completed a foundation course in art in the early 80s, she is discovering the wonders of computers for art making, but keeping very much a hand-done and traditional core in her methods. She enjoys portraiture, fashion illustration and the natural wonders of the world. She has had a number of fashion and editorial illustrations published in Amelia's Magazine, Creaturemag, Ballodof Magazine, and been featured in Burst Magazine, and Urbanity as a new and emerging talent. She has also exhibited locally in Sheffield. See more of her work at

See Sam's artwork for David Rose's story 'Pastoral' here.

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