Paraxis 01
Kings, swings, traps and free falls: Paraxis looks at Power

A letter from the editors
A feature on Paraxis homepage artist Adam Oehlers

An introduction from Michael Moorcock

the stories
Mrs Sadler makes Some Tea
by Stephanie Lam
artwork by Yu-Jie Yu

The Swing
by Nicholas Royle
artwork by Neil Coombs

by Jaki McCarrick
artwork by Kirsty Greenwood

The Intimate
by Conrad Williams
artwork by Beth Ward

At the end of summer
by Sarah Jasmon
artwork by Claire Massey

The Upstairs Window
by Nina Allan
artwork by Aurelia Milach

by Sarah Nicholson
artwork by Daria Hlazatova

Last of the Grand Narratives
by Elaine Walker
artwork by Lucy Smith

King of Kings
by Alan Wall
artwork by Laura Carter

Editors: Claire Massey and Andy Hedgecock
Design: Claire Massey
Illustration on this page by Neil Coombs

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