Paraxis 02
The Library

A letter from the editors
The Paraxis Library Wall

with contributions from 51 writers, readers and artists


A Catalogue of Unreadable Things
by Tori Truslow
artwork by C Massey

A slice of tongue
by SJ Butler
artwork by Kirsty Greenwood

by Tom Fletcher
artwork by Beth Ward

I Arrive First
by Emma Jane Unsworth
artwork by Laura Carter

by David Rose
artwork by Sam Parr

The Blue Notebooks
by Nicholas Royle
artwork by Graham Dean

The Last Library
by A.K. Benedict
artwork by Elou Carroll


The Library
by Myriam Frey
artwork by Myriam Frey

Borges and the Library
by Alan Wall

Southwick Library
by Robert Sheppard

Why do libraries matter?
by Alan Gibbons

Editors: Claire Massey and Andy Hedgecock
Design: Claire Massey
Illustration on this page from The Library by Myriam Frey

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