Paraxis Library Wall

Instructions: hover over the images and then click on them to read/view (some can be magnified further using the little magnifying glass in your browser). We recommend taking some time to really explore the collage as there are all sorts of things tucked away in there!


1.  John Patrick Pazdziora
2.  Lisa J Hart-Collins
3.  Lisa Vooght
4.  Benjamin Judge
5.  Andrew Stott
6.  Annie Kerr
7.  David Hartley
8.  Sue Stout
9.  Romy Wood
10. David Brookes
11. Lizzie Francis
12. Yasmin Keyani
13. Jay Dougherty
14. Hilaire
15. Fat Roland
16. Fat Roland
17. Anthony JH Simons
18. Andrew McCallum
19. Laura Ellen Joyce
20. Nicholas Royle
21. Nicholas Royle
22. Nabila Jameel
23. Sarah-Clare Conlon
24. Laura Maley
25. Phil Latham
26. Michelle Hayward
27. Alan Wall
28. Daniel J. Boland
29. Terri Lucas
30. Lin Dean
31. Tifaine Dickinson
32. Natalie Adams Perrin
33. Susan Davy
34. Sam Ford
35. Clare Kirwan
36. Nicholas Royle
37. Nicholas Royle
38. Rhys Griffiths
39. Susan Sollazzi
40. Graham Dean
41. Graham Dean
42. Dan Seavers
43. Michael Monkhouse
44. Nicola Dellow
45. G W Colkitto
46. Kristen Bowen
47. Nora Hegarty
48. Noel Vallely
49. Rhys Howell
50. Maurice Devitt
51. Ciara Miller
52. Gary Green
53. Justin Patrick Moore
54. Louise Dean
55. Graham Dean
56. Graham Dean
57. Claire Massey

Special thanks to John Patrick Pazdziora, Lisa J Hart-Collins, Benjamin Judge, David Hartley, Fat Roland, Nicholas Royle, Laura Maley, Michelle Hayward, Daniel J. Boland and Tess, Terri Lucas, Graham Dean, Dan Seavers, Nicola Dellow and Louise Dean, who all provided their own artwork or images.


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